Even in the smallest of garden, or if you have a balcony with limited space you can still have a feature that brings interest and colour to your special space in a very novel way. Perfect in a container, large pot or window box you can create a miniature garden utilising only small plants that stay small and do not grow too big to overcrowd the container.

What better way to create a miniature garden than to use a recycled container in which to make a fairy garden, this becomes a feature that is limited only by your own imagination. You could recycle something that you no longer use for it’s original purpose, maybe a childs wheelbarrow, a sink or perhaps a small barrel, broken pot or trough, don’t throw it away recycle it, just make sure that there are drainage holes and remember the larger the surface area the more room you will have to create your fairy landscape.

You will need to source the kind of plants that will stay quite small, alpines are perfect, Saxifrage is another that could be useful as it will also soften the edges but dwarf conifers, ferns and ivy are also perfect. Growing succulent plants is also a smart idea as they don’t require tons of water and tend to be low maintenance. Choose plants that have similar growing requirements. Once you have decided on the style of your miniature garden you will need a piece that will make a focal point perhaps a fairy house or even just a fairy doorway that gives the illusion of leading to somewhere more secret and private where a fairy might make a home. Dressing your garden with miniature seats, chairs and benches with perhaps a bridge or stepping stones will also add to the authenticity of the garden. Wagon house Gardens at the Jinney Ring craft centre have a great selection of miniature plants particularly suitable for miniature gardens. There are also a range of miniature terracotta pots and fairy accessories to embellish your fairy garden. This type of garden feature has it’s roots in the United States where they have become very fashionable but they are now becoming ever more popular in the UK and can be a very rewarding project to undertake that both young and old will enjoy, the limits are endless and each garden will be unique. Should you have a woodland garden or even the smallest of corner that does not get much sun, or you have little idea what to do with that space then a fairy garden could just be perfect and the answer, In the dusky evenings a well positioned solar rock light will illuminate the miniature garden making it inviting and interesting for visitors.

I cannot promise that the fairies will move in, well certainly not in the short term for as you may well know they are very illusive, but i can promise something both magical and enchanting that will bring a smile to all, you just need to finish it off with your very own fairy story.