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Not just growing plants but a business too...


Just another little update on the past year.


After a cold and late spring we seemed to jump from winter into summer which was not entirely helpful to start us off in our first year at the Jinney Ring. Generally it was a good year for gardening and we were all rewarded with a good summer. We exceeded our expectations & supplied many hanging baskets and refilled customers own containers and had really good feedback on those supplied.


Many visitors come from far and wide to the Jinney Ring and it’s often forgot that people actually come on holiday in the locality. Our bird tables have now travelled home as far as Essex, lancashire, Wales and Scotland.

Liz...our amazing shop assistant is still offering friendly advise on the plants and their requirements in my absence, (i have to have a day off sometimes) allowing us to open 7days a week.

With Dean active in the workshops creating new garden related lines for us to sell in the shop were all looking forward to growing the business and a successful 2015.