Classic herbs for a culinary adventure

Every garden should have a plentiful supply of herbs.They are so easy to grow and you can fill your herb bed with interesting scents together with the luxury of fresh own grown herbs for your culinary needs...fresh chopped coriander in your curry is truly sensational.

A dedicated herb bed or border can be so beneficial just outside the kitchen door, and so handy for easy picking. Many will happily grow in pots or window boxes but can just as easily be inserted between other plants in your borders, if your space is limited herbs do well in containers. Many herbs such as Rosemary are evergreen, originating in warm mediterranean climates preferring well drained soils they actually thrive on neglect.

March is a good time to establish your herb garden for the summer months ahead. The soil is warming up and your newly planted mature plants will quickly become established providing you with a never ending supply through to the autumn.

Wagon house gardens at The Jinney Ring craft centre stock a wide selection of potted herbs to help you get you herb garden going, Rosemary, Thyme, French and English parsley, sage and oregano all a must have. Mint is also good to have but best grown on a pot or bury a container in your herb garden to contain it from spreading.

Generally pest free organically grown herbs encourage wildlife into the garden enhancing your gardens ecology, many are bee friendly too.

With little effort you can end up with a fragrant part of your garden and with varying colours of foliage and flowers in all shades of pink to deep purple.

Growing your own herbs has never been easier. Make this a herb filled year