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F A T  B I R D  C R A F T S




TEL: 01527 821 421


Create a range of nest boxes, bird tables, feeders, fairy doors, etc... and bespoke metal garden things. 

FAT BIRD, products are designed and hand made by Dean Clow... a qualified carpenter, and metalworker, in Worcestershire... using only the finest materials. 

All items are lovingly crafted to produce a unique, and unusual gift for all occassions. 

All products in our range, can be pre-ordered and given that extra initials, dates or names . If you would like more information, or would like to order a product...Please contact us via email at:  or Tell: 01527 821421


Hand made to the exact requirements and measurements, to entice your birds to feed in style.

Each bird table is hand made and dripping with the wow factor. Treated with a preservative / painted and personalised.

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TRIPLE TOWER   £2100.00


Prices start from £300.00

Includes; a free consultation to ensure you receive the table of your garden birds dream ...and yours.

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Fat Bird Crafts have the right to alter or change components according to aesthetic evolution. The products within our web pages are accurate representations of the finished items... but could contain differences in design, size and measurement.

IMPORTANT...Product information

Our bird tables are made form top quality pressure treated soft wood, and FCG best quality marine plywood... glued and screwed, allowing them to last for many years.

All our tables are made from wood, a natural material that needs looking after...neglect will result in your product ageing rapidly.

It is important to remember that this material that may shrink and grow with the seasons. You may also find splits and cracks appearing...but this is only natural and will not affect the performance of your product. Remember the sun can do more damage than the rain, so position your product thoughtfully...and protect.

Your product has been painted... and although this is durable, it is advisable to wipe down and clean the painted areas on a regular basis...the table should also be lightly sanded and re-pained when required...this will depend on time, location and conditions.  It is also advisable to protect your product with an oil based preservative such as “ Teak oil or Danish oil”...this should be done frequently, to stop the timber from drying out, splitting and rotting. If you buy the oil as a spray, this application will only take a few minutes, but will keep your product healthy.

If you require any advise on how to care for your product...please contact us through our web site.  We will be happy to advise you with any problems or concerns.

Please remember...although these tables are heavy... they can be blown over in strong winds. Please locate in a sheltered position or stake to the ground.

Please be aware of children...these tables are not for climbing.

Birds are very wary...and it could take several months before they use your please be patient.