Autumn, is this the end of the horticultural year or the beginning? True all the herbaceous planting is dying down and all the golden leaves are falling to the ground. Mists and fog add to the season making it feel damp and terminal like it’s the end.
Actually it could also be said that the Autumn is the beginning of the gardening year, all those decaying leaves with the nutrients stored within feeding the soil with the goodness it needs to regenerate and start afresh.

October as well as being the perfect time to plant trees, shrubs and to divide herbaceous plants it is also the time to plant spring flowering bulbs. The soil is still warm after the summer so young roots soon form and plants quickly get established before the winter.

Wagon house gardens at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre have a good selection of spring flowering bulbs.Tete-a-tete daffodils are perfect for early spring color, plant twice the depth of the bulb either in pots or into the border, left they will naturalize and form clumps. Rockery Tulips are also a delight for an early spring display with their short flower stems, Crocus are another that will naturalize and multiply if left undisturbed, equally sprinkle a few into your hanging baskets or patio pots for that extra spring sparkle.

A particular clever way of planting in containers is to plant in tiers or layers with the later taller tulips at the bottom then a layer of compost perhaps some narcissi Topolino in the middle followed by some more compost then a layer of Shakespeare rockery Tulips, finish off with a layer of Ruby Giant crocus. You will then get a succession of flowers that will last from January through till May all from one pot. Bulbs in pots have the added advantage that they can be moved around to where colour is needed.Your garden will never be dull with these spring beauties around.

Start your bulb planting now and perhaps you will decide like me that the Autumn truly is the start of the horticultural year with a fantastic spring display of flowering bulbs to look forward to.